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Online Inter-library Loan Request Form

What is Inter-library Loan?

  • Inter-library loan (ILL) is a service agreement in which participating libraries share items. The SFCC Library borrows materials from other library collections for our students and the local community. In turn, the Spokane Falls Library loans items to other libraries.
  • Libraries lend materials and supply photocopies in accordance with national and international copyright laws.
  • Spokane Falls faculty, students and staff may use this service.

How do I request materials through inter-library loan?

  • Before using Inter-library loan, check the Spokane Falls Library Online catalog. If the material you need is not available in our catalog, you may request the item using the book request form or the magazine article request form available at the reference desk. Or try our new Online ILL Request Form.
  • All requests should be as complete as possible. You will receive the best and fastest service when you identifiy the materials as completely as possible. Provide accurate contact information in case of questions by library staff.

Where is the inter-library loan service?

  • Inter-library loan service is available at the reference desk, where request forms may be obtained whenever the library is open. You may also submit a request as follows:
Web: Online ILL Request Form
Telephone: (509) 533-3818
Fax: (509) 533-3144
Email: Babs Hachey

How do I check the status of a request?

  • Contact Babs by phone at 533-3818 or email Babs Hachey; or ask at the reference desk.

What happens next?

  • For Book requests, a postcard will be mailed to the address indicated on the form when it arrives at SFCC Library. For Periodical (magazine or journal article) requests, you will receive a photocopy of the article in the mail.

Accurate address information is essential to receiving your requested materials!

Frequently Asked Questions about Inter-Library Loan

ILL services are provided for students, faculty, and staff at SFCC. This includes WAOL students enrolled via SFCC.

How do I order an item? By phone, via email, by mail, or in person only?
You can call us at (509) 533-3834 or 1-800-251-1972. Or you can fill out a request online – if you do, please use the form we provide as it asks the questions you need to answer for us to process your request efficiently. The form is available at Of course we are always happy to see real people, so you can visit the library as well to put in your ILL request.

How long does it take?
Generally it takes at least two weeks for books. It all depends on how far away we need to go to locate them. Usually 5 days or a week for articles – especially now that we are using some electronic delivery options for periodical articles.

Who is responsible for the costs for duplication, postage, handling and shipping?
The library picks up these charges. (Many libraries loan for free to each other in order to keep costs down and provide the maximum access to students.)

What are the penalties for lost or late items?
For lost items you will be charged whatever the lending institution charges us plus a handling fee. For overdue books our charge is 25 cents a day.

How am I notified that the material is available to me?
If you are a student with "on-ground" classes at SFCC, give us your phone or email address and we will contact so you can come pick them up at the library. If you are a distance education or WAOL student, if you let us know when you order an item that you want it mailed directly to you we will mail the items as soon as they arrive.

How long can I keep the material? Can the loan period be extended?
The loan period is determined by the lending institution not us. Generally it is 3 to 4 weeks. As far as renewals, that too is determined with each item by the lending institution. If you want to renew an item, you need to call at least 4 to 5 days before it is due so that we can contact the lender to see if renewing is possible, and for how long.

How am I going to receive the material? Will the material be sent to my home or will I have to come in to pick it up?
If you are a student with "on-ground" classes at SFCC, you will need to pick up your items at the library. You will also need to return books to the library before the due date. You can keep periodical articles. If you are a distance education or WAOL student we will UPS items to you. You will need to mail them back to us (for books) so that we receive them before the due date. You can keep the copies of periodical articles we send you.

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