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Library Circulation Policies

Who can borrow SFCC Library materials?

Any current CCS student, faculty member, or staff member may check out library materials with a valid Spokane Falls Community College ID card, Spokane Community College ID card, Institute for Extended Learning ID card, or Spokane Falls Community College guest library card.

  • An SFCC ID card can be acquired from Student Services.
  • Community users will be issued a guest library card at the SFCC Library circulation desk.
  • Unaccompanied children are not allowed to use the SFCC Library. Children under the age of 18 may not apply for a library card unless they are registered students enrolled in a CCS credit class.

Acceptable ID for validation of student, faculty, staff or community user:

  • Current Washington State Driver's License
  • Current Military ID
  • Current Picture ID

Library patrons are responsible for all items checked out to their library card and are responsible for notifying the library if their card is lost or stolen.

Loan Periods

Books from general collection 3 weeks
Periodicals 1 week
Reserve materials Dependent on instructor's directions
Media collection Varies according to item
Equipment (headphones, laptop charger, cassette recorder, laptop case) Varies according to item
Laptop computer 2 hour or 24 hours
Digital camera 24 hours
Video camera 24 hours

SCC, IEL and Community users may not check out the following equipment from the SFCC Library:

  • Laptop computer
  • Digital camera
  • Video camera
  • Hot spots
  • Headphones

Loan Limits

  • All library materials are checked out at the circulation desk. Library items may be renewed one time only, provided there are no holds pending on the item.
  • Renewals may be requested online, in person, or over the telephone by calling (509) 533-3805. You must provide your SID number when calling for renewal.
  • Laptop computers may be checked out for 2 hours, with a possibile single renewal, subject to demand, for 24 hours with NO RENEWAL.
  • Reserve items and videos may not be renewed.
  • Interlibrary loan items must be renewed through the Interlibrary Loan department with special permission. Some ILL items may NOT be renewed.


Community Users may only check out 5 items total:
Videos or DVDs 2 per card
Books 5 per card
Audiocassette tapes 5 per card
Magazines 5 per card

Library Overdues and Fines/Fees

The library facility and services are accessible to all students, faculty, staff and community users free of charge. However, replacing lost or damaged materials is not free and patrons will be held accountable for the disposition of materials they borrow from the library.

Library Fines and Fees Schedule

You are responsible for all items checked out on your library card. Library fines and fees are assessed for material that is returned late and/or damaged. Fines and fees for overdue material include:

2 hour reserves $0.50 per hour overdue
Other reserves $5.00 per day overdue
Maximum fine assessed per overdue item $25.00
Circulating Books, Music CD's, Magazines $0.25 per day overdue
Videos, DVD's $0.50 per day overdue
Maximum fine assessed per overdue item $7.50
Equipment Checkout
Laptop Computer
See the loan agreement.
$10.00 per hour
Maximum fine assessed per overdue item $50.00
Laptop Case $10.00 per hour
Maximum fine assessed per item overdue $25.00
Digital Camera $10.00 per hour
Maximum fine assessed per item overdue $50.00
Video Camera $10.00 per hour
Maximum fine assessed per item overdue $50.00
Equipment $0.25 per day
Maximum fine assessed per item overdue $7.50

Lost Items

Replacement of item Varies according to cost of item
Lost item processing fee $5.00
  • The Lost Item Status is automatically applied to items that are more than 30 days overdue.
  • If a patron has paid for a lost item but locates it and returns it within six months, the library will refund the replacement fee. The $5.00 processing fee will not be refunded.
  • Students who owe the library more than $10.00 will have their library privileges blocked.
  • Borrowing privileges may also be blocked when maximum borrowing limits have been reached:

    Maximum items on loan 40
    Maximum items "Claimed Returned" 10
    Maximum lost items 1

Interlibrary Loans

If the material you need is not available in our catalog, you may request the item through interlibrary loan. Inquire at the reference desk for help or you can also use our online request form.

Printing Services

Photocopier - One public-use photocopier is available. Photocopies are 10 cents per page for b/w and color copies. Copying requires coins or one dollar bills.

Printers & Printing - 2 printers for color and black and white printing. Cost: for black/white printing - 2 cents per single-sided and 3 cents for double-sided. For color printing - 7 cents per single-sided and 11 cents for double sided. Students have $10.00 per quarter of free printing on their account. Students may add money to their existing account at the Circulation desk.


The reserve collection consists of assigned readings placed on short term loan at faculty request. Its purpose is to make a limited number of copies available to all members of the class. The reserve collection is located behind the circulation desk. It includes instructor's personal material, library materials, photocopies of articles, and other materials in high demand. Some items may also be available online through the Book/Media Catalog.
Renewals: There are NO RENEWALS
Check Out Limit: Only 2 reserve items may be checked out to a patron at one time.

In effect since June 7, 2000


Computer lab hosts 60+ PCs with Microsoft Office and Internet access

Printers & Printing - 2 printers each print b/w, one prints color also. 'Go-Print' management system installed. Printing is 2 cents per page b/w and 7 cents for color. Students have $10.00 per quarter of free printing on their account which covers approximately 200 single-sided pages or 400 double-sided. Students may add money to their existing account at the Circulation Desk. Laptops cannot print from the library's printers.

Laptops - Laptops and MacBooks can be checked out to current students for 2 and 24-hours. Students must show picture ID, proof of current enrollment and fill out an Equipment Loan Agreement. All laptops checkout from the Circulation Desk.

Photocopier - One public-use photocopier is available. Photocopies are 10 cents per page for b/w and color copies. Copying requires coins or one dollar bills.

Scantron Machine available in basement of library in corner of back stairs and elevator access.

Scanners - 2 scanners available in the library's computer lab where documents can be digitized and emailed or printed.

Assistive Technology Available
Several computer stations in the Library lab have specialized software including:
Kurzweil 3000
Sorenson VRS

Computer Lab Use Rules & Policy
Computers and workstations located in the Spokane Falls Community College Library provide access to library catalogs, databases, MS Office suite, other college provided programs, and information resources to assist students with their academic studies.

Library policies are designed to make the library computer commons a comfortable place for students to pursue their studies. Priority is always given to SFCC students using the facility for academic and college related work.

To maintain the SFCC Library as a comfortable study place:

  • The library provides study rooms with computers for group work.
  • To ensure all students have timely access to computers to complete academic work, non-academic use is prohibited. Guest use may also be restricted during peak hours.
  • Please remember to turn cell phones to vibrate mode in the library.
  • Two enclosed entry halls are provided for taking and making phone calls.
  • Drinks are allowed in tightly covered spill proof containers.
  • Tidy snack-type food may be consumed in the library.
  • As a consideration to others headphone volume should be kept low.
  • Children are welcome in the library, but children should be under the control of their parents at all times.

Students violating the guidelines will receive a friendly warning. A second violation will be considered breach of the student conduct code and will be reported to the College Director for Student Life pursuant to CCS Acceptable Use of IT Resources and the Student Code of Conduct.

Administrative Procedure implementing CCS Board Policy 7.30.05 - CCS

Acceptable Use of IT Resources:

Section 1.0 Acceptable Use of CCS IT Resources

Section 3 Acceptable and Prohibited Uses of IT resources

Student Code of Conduct and General Policies

132Q-30-220 Failure to comply with college officials

132Q-30-224 Violation of CCS Policy, procedure, rule or regulation

In effect since May 23, 2011; revised October 21, 2011.

Fax Service to Students

Library - Self-Service Fax.

  • The machine is located in the south foyer, next to the school supply vending machine.
  • Instructions for use are available by picking up the handset or through signage at the machine. Students can get further help, if necessary, in the administrative office, just inside the library's south entrance.
  • The machine accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards as well as debit cards and check cards with these designations.
  • Domestic rates: $1.50 for the first page; $1.00 for each additional page.
  • International Rates: $4.95 for the first page; $3.45 for each additional page.

Updated Feb. 2016

Visitor Services

Copyright & Intellectual Property

Please consult the CCS Copyright Compliance Guide for an excellent summary of copyright laws and how CCS implements them. In addition, the following web sites might be useful:

Two sites you should know about

WSU Copyright Office
The "Guidelines for Educational Use of Copyrighted Materials" is available online only to people using Washington State University computers; however, there are other links at this page freely available to anyone. Since much of this information has been vetted by Washington university system attorneys, it might be particularly helpful.

Copyright Clearance Center
One-stop shopping center where you can obtain permissions and clearances for copyrighted materials.

More good sites about copyright in general

Copyright Management Center
Jointly sponsored by Purdue and Indiana Universities, this page contains numerous links dealing with fair use of copyrighted material in an educational setting. There is also information about permissions and how to secure them.

Copyright & Fair Use
Another site, similar to the one above, from Stanford University. Some of links here are unique, however, and worth a look.

Crash Course in Copyright
This site, from the University of Texas at Austin, is one of the most thorough available for educators.

Electronic Plagiarism Seminar
A very extensive site developed by Gretchen Pearson, a librarian at Le Moyne College's Falcone Library. This includes numerous annotated links to sites dealing with plagiarism in general and "cut and paste" plagiarism from the Web in particular. There are links to "term paper mill" sites and also to sites for detecting plagiarism. Well worth exploring and bookmarking.

Fair Use of Copyrighted Works A Crucial Element in Educating America
This contains an electronic version of Fair Use of Copyrighted Works, a pamphlet published by CETUS (Consortium for Educational Technology for University Systems), which is comprised of California State University, State University of New York, and the City University of New York.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright
A detailed and very thorough (though not totally up to date) document by an attorney, Terry Carroll.

A History of Copyright in the United States
A page developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and said to be in revision.

The TEACH Act of 2002

Complying With the TEACH Act
This is from Ball State University's Copyright Center.

Distance Education and the TEACH Act
Information from the American Library Association.

Articles on copyright and intellectual property

Here are some articles which might be useful. All are available through ProQuest.

Carnevale, Dan. "Congress Eases Copyright Restrictions on Distance Education." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 49(8):18 Oct. 2002, A.36.

"College Media Group Cautions That 2 Copyright Laws Could Collide." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 49(29): 28 Mar. 2003, A.29.

Talab, Rosemary. "An initial look at the TEACH Act." TechTrends. 47(2): Mar/Apr 2003, 4.

Privacy Policy

Guidelines to Maintain the Confidentiality of Patron Records

It is the policy of Spokane Falls Community College to protect the privacy of those who use the Library. The general policy of the SFCC Library shall be to retain only the minimum information necessary to establish a patron's eligibility to borrow materials and to respond to patron requests. Non-essential records shall be deleted as soon as practicable, or on a regular basis.

Staff members and work-study students shall protect information about Library borrowers, their requests for information and materials, the online sites and resources they access, and their loan transactions, and shall not give out such information to individuals or to any private or public agency without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction, or as otherwise required by law (RCW 42.56.310.)

  • Staff members shall hold in complete confidence borrower information gained in the course of performing their work.
  • Staff members shall be responsible for protecting records in borrower files within the library system, and borrower records being purged from the files.
  • Work-study students and Library Technician students shall protect borrower information to which they have access in the course of carrying out their assignments.
  • Library managers shall be responsible for assuring that borrower records and information inquiries are protected from disclosure to other than authorized persons, and for enforcing this policy and approving any exceptions to these procedures.

Information not to be revealed (unless so ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction) includes, but is not limited to:

  • A borrower's name, phone number, or other personal information.
  • Information about whether a borrower has a library card or has used the library at any time.
  • A user's search history using the library's electronic resources, such as the internet, online databases, or search engines and related information, including frequency of use and library card number used to access the library's electronic resources.
  • Information about materials checked out to a borrower or used by a borrower in the library.
  • Information about the content of a borrower's information inquiries.

The following restrictions shall apply to the access and use of borrower and item records:

  • Files shall be accessed only by authorized staff members and only when such access is related to their work assignments.
  • Information about a borrower shall not be transmitted by telephone to persons who are not authorized Library Staff members.
  • If a Library Staff member telephones a borrower to notify him/her concerning reserves, interlibrary loans, or overdue materials, a message left with a third party shall only state openly that requested Library materials are available or that materials are overdue. Specific item information shall not be given.
  • Authorized staff shall produce a printed list of items on loan to a borrower when such a list is requested in writing or in person by that borrower.
  • For purposes of compiling statistics, borrower information linked with specific item information shall not be displayed or listed.

In effect since April 5, 2002

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